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Delaware Valley High School

Address: 252 Route 6 & 209

Milford, PA 18337
Mascot: Warriors
Male population: 760
Female population: 717
Recent scores
Williamsport 5, Delaware Valley 0
Delaware Valley 2, Scranton 1
Delaware Valley 4, Scranton 3
Delaware Valley 3, Scranton 1
Valley View 5, Delaware Valley 3
Wallenpaupack 11, Delaware Valley 6
Delaware Valley 9, Honesdale 5
Delaware Valley 5, North Pocono 4
West Scranton 9, Delaware Valley 3
West Scranton 4, Delaware Valley 1
Delaware Valley 7, West Scranton 1
Delaware Valley 11, Scranton Prep 3
Abington Heights 7, Delaware Valley 4

Upcoming games
No upcoming games for the selected sport/season.

game stats: 4/20/2017

Baker, Peyton 0Outfielder Senior
Cavallaro, Matt 0Infielder Senior
Connellis, Chris 0Outfielder Senior
Crawford, Brandon 0Infielder Senior
Jorgenson, Christian 0Infielder Senior
Kain, Zach 0Infielder Senior
Petzold, Dillon 0Outfielder Senior
Smith, Trevor 0Infielder Senior
Brown, Nick 0Outfielder Junior
Bulkley, Ryan 0Infielder Junior
Heaney, Brendan 0Infielder Junior
Jorgenson, Jaden 0Shortstop Junior
Klapak, Zach 0Catcher Junior
Simpson, Ryan 0Outfielder Junior
Fahnestock, Devyn 0  Sophomore
Kruse, RJ 0  Sophomore
Peters, Jake 0  Freshman

Cavallaro, Matt .226744000
Smith, Trevor .3088113020
Heaney, Brendan .222221000
Klapak, Zach .225968103
Jorgenson, Christian .3591459400
Kain, Zach .2791287401
Simpson, Ryan .207622000
Baker, Peyton .000000000
Brown, Nick        
Bulkley, Ryan .400621000
Jorgenson, Jaden .25611510400
Petzold, Dillon .238564100
Connellis, Chris .000000000
Crawford, Brandon .000000000
Kruse, RJ .222841001
Fahnestock, Devyn .000000000
Peters, Jake .167334000
NameLeague W/LNon-league W/LERAStrikeouts
Cavallaro, Matt 0-11-33.1419
Heaney, Brendan 0-01-01.911
Klapak, Zach 2-01-11.3123
Jorgenson, Christian 1-10-05.3325
Baker, Peyton 0-00-0  
Petzold, Dillon 0-00-021.21 

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RankTeamW (L)L (L)W (O)L (O)Dist. Pts.
1 West Scranton 33740
2 Delaware Valley 32650
3 Scranton 23380

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RowIndexteam_idplayer_idBatting AverageAverageHide
1154042573Bulkley, Ryan (DV)0.5
2153736666Loureiro, Griffin (WS)0.472
3153739669Ivanoff, Thomas (WS)0.444
4153735457Stetzar, Cole (WS)0.425
5154040145Jorgenson, Christian (DV)0.361
6154246548Weselowski, Jake (SCR)0.333
7153746447Miller, Cory (WS)0.314
8154037425Smith, Trevor (DV)0.304
9154040153Kain, Zach (DV)0.3
10153743003Bruno, Joe (WS)0.3
11154237398Cobley, Chris (SCR)0.286
12154240114Kelly, Jack (SCR)0.286
13154240884McAndrew, Robbie (SCR)0.281
14154043435Petzold, Dillon (DV)0.278
15153739668Worsnick, Noah (WS)0.273
16154043434Jorgenson, Jaden (DV)0.268
17154243522Karp, Brandon (SCR)0.256
18154237372Montoro, Nick (SCR)0.25
19154037423Cavallaro, Matt (DV)0.25
20154046846Kruse, RJ (DV)0.242