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Old Forge High School

Address: 300 Marion St.

Old Forge, PA 18518
Mascot: Blue Devils
Male population: 126
Female population: 96
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game stats: 1/10/2020
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Barbetti, Keegan 12Wide Receiver Graduate 2021
Dando, David 1Running Back Graduate 2021
DiGregorio, Michael 22Wide Receiver Graduate 2021
Dodge, Nicholas 18Wide Receiver Graduate 2021
Dolinish, Demetrius 58Offensive Line Graduate 2021
Giglio, John 80Tight End Graduate 2021
Holzman, Colin 4Running Back Graduate 2021
Lucarelli, Dante 8Quarterback Graduate 2021
Rose, Jadyn 57Offensive Line Graduate 2021
Weaver, Zack 33Tight End Graduate 2021
Castaldi, Louis 63Offensive Line Senior
Chuta, Ted 23Running Back Senior
Deitz, Hezekiah 32Running Back Senior
Estevez, Jeremiah 5Wide Receiver Senior
Greenfield, John 42Running Back Senior
Krenitsky, Nathan 14Wide Receiver Senior
Rasmus, Nick 55Offensive Line Senior
Rios, Antonio 43Wide Receiver Senior
Samony, Mario 24Wide Receiver Senior
Tallo, Ethan 7Wide Receiver Senior
Abplanalp, Jacob 75Offensive Line Junior
Adame, Elias 20Wide Receiver Junior
Bartnikowski, Andrew 21Wide Receiver Junior
Fumanti, Angelo 44Running Back Junior
Holzman, Casey 3Wide Receiver Junior
Killino, Nico 30Wide Receiver Junior
Krappa, Santino 52Offensive Line Junior
Lenceski, Matthew 11Wide Receiver Junior
Michaylo, Alex 81Tight End Junior
Mordan, Cooper 54Offensive Line Junior
Rose, Cyllel 77Offensive Line Junior
Santarsiero, Andrew 51Offensive Line Junior
Sobol, James 19Quarterback Junior
Spindler, Josh 34Running Back Junior
Ruby, Tim 10Wide Receiver Sophomore

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