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Pittston Area High School

Address: 5 Stout St.

Pittston, PA 18640
Mascot: Patriots
Male population: 447
Female population: 459
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Friday, November 5, 20211234OTFinal
Pittston Area00012-12

Team statsPlayer stats
Offense StatisticsPADal
Extra Pts Att 1 5
Extra Pts Made 0 5
FG Att 0 0
FGs Made 0 0
First Downs 16 14
Pass Att 26 15
Pass Comp 14 10
Pass INTs 1 0
Pass TDs 0 2
Pass Yds 121 yards 262 yards
Rec TDs 0 2
Rec Yds 121 yards 262 yards
Receptions 14 10
Return Yardage 0 yards 0 yards
Rush Att 33 31
Rush TDs 2 3
Rush Yds 143 yards 120 yards

Defense StatisticsPADal
Def INTs 0 1
Sacks 0 0
Tackles 0 0

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Albert, Jack 74Offensive Line Senior
Farrell, Branden 66Offensive Line Senior
Girman, David 16Wide Receiver Senior
Hoban, Alex 1Running Back Senior
Jones, Jake 75Offensive Line Senior
Jones, Yavon 80Wide Receiver Senior
Lazar, Adam 42Full Back Senior
Murray, Kahleb 9Quarterback Senior
Stayton, Donovan 79Offensive Line Senior
Stone, John 84Wide Receiver Senior
Thayer, Nick 77Offensive Line Senior
Triboski, Gino 14Wide Receiver Senior
Barbieri, Robby 4Wide Receiver Junior
Barchi-Crich, John 40Running Back Junior
Bryan, Logan 63Offensive Line Junior
Grieco, A.J. 5Wide Receiver Junior
Hintze, Ryan 67Offensive Line Junior
Karrott, Zach 24Wide Receiver Junior
Lockett, Kevin 2Wide Receiver Junior
Menendez, Drew 22Running Back Junior
Mills, Jake 71Offensive Line Junior
Morgans, Jaiden 55Offensive Line Junior
Pierre, Josh 81Wide Receiver Junior
Pietrzak, Kyle 13Wide Receiver Junior
Pugliese, Harry 6Running Back Junior
Ranielli, Anthony 18Wide Receiver Junior
Sciandra, Charles 53Offensive Line Junior
Spindler, Jimmy 8Quarterback Junior
Sudo, Dave 34Running Back Junior
Antigua, Brian 23Wide Receiver Sophomore
Bilbow, Ciran 7Wide Receiver Sophomore
Carabetta, Matteo 26Running Back Sophomore
Carden, Jake 20Wide Receiver Sophomore
Davidson, Bobby 21Wide Receiver Sophomore
Delucca, Drew 3Quarterback Sophomore
Eymer, David 45Wide Receiver Sophomore
Kapacs, Alec 33Wide Receiver Sophomore
Scialpi, AJ 36Running Back Sophomore
Shovlin, Adam 87Tight End Sophomore
Blackshear, Xzavyier 12Quarterback Freshman
Cianfichi, Nick 56Offensive Line Freshman
Concha, Christian 80Wide Receiver Freshman
Groom, Gerry 10Quarterback Freshman
Pietrzak, Chris 25Tight End Freshman
Pugliese, Luchiano 60Offensive Line Freshman
Smith, Steven 76Offensive Line Freshman
Smith, Collin 52Offensive Line Freshman
Wynn, Adam 77Offensive Line Freshman

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