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George Washington Carver High School of Engineering and Sciences

Address: 1600 West Norris Street

Philadelphia, PA 19121
Mascot: Engineers
Male population: 0
Female population: 0
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RowIndexteam_idplayer_idBatting AverageAverageHide
1153846493Martens, Jonathan (SP)0.667
2153843112Cimini, Vincent (SP)0.594
3153843111Granet, Noah (SP)0.528
4154250276Liptai, Jeremy (SCR)0.5
5154254349Haikes, David (SCR)0.5
6154654276Benson, Zach (VV)0.5
7154650220Cesarini, Ryan (VV)0.481
8154646489Boyle, Jeremy (VV)0.478
9153746446Viscomi, Dominic (WS)0.429
10154645201Black, Dixon (VV)0.375
11154247465Ciocca, Ian (SCR)0.353
12153650232Newman, Connor (AH)0.35
13153850659Valvano, Rocco (SP)0.344
14153854323Lanzendorfer, Matt (SP)0.333
15153746451Ivanoff, Andrew (WS)0.333
16153746454Darbenzio, Zachary (WS)0.333
17153643123Barcia, Joey (AH)0.333
18154254352Eckenrode, Matt (SCR)0.333
19153743994Ciullo, Jake (WS)0.324
20153748512Merrifield, Cayden (WS)0.324