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Cowanesque Valley High School

Address: 51 N Fork Rd

Westfield, PA 16950
Male population: 97
Female population: 88
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Brown, Tanyon 0  Senior
Everett, Dominick 0  Senior
Good, Elliott 0  Senior
Robbins, Miche 0  Senior
Sipps, Michael 0  Senior
St. Peter, Tucker 0  Senior
Bogsch, Isaiah 0  Junior
Davis, Breckin 0  Junior
Freeman, Timothy 0  Junior
Kelsey, Mason 0  Junior
Schmitt, Jacob 0  Junior
Wendell, Peter 0  Junior
Ackely, Carter 0  Sophomore
Bump, Ean 0  Sophomore
Dennis, Aspyn 0  Sophomore
Empson, Brad 0  Sophomore
Kemp, Coen 0  Sophomore
Maynor, Adam 0  Sophomore
Reed, Camden 0  Sophomore
Robertson, Phillip 0  Sophomore
Sherman, Josh 0  Sophomore
Zimmerman, Andrew 0  Sophomore
Beckett, Cohen 0  Freshman
Good, Fletcher 0  Freshman
Hess, Graham 0  Freshman
Lawson, Jacob 0  Freshman
Nolan, Jack 0  Freshman
Plank, Mason 0  Freshman
Zimmerman, Collin 0  Freshman

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