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Crestwood High School

Address: 281 S. Mountain Blvd.

Mountain Top, PA 18707
Mascot: Comets
Male population: 406
Female population: 402
Recent scores
Crestwood 21, Bonner-Prendergast 14
Crestwood 12, Valley View 7
Crestwood 56, Berwick 14
Crestwood 61, Nanticoke Area 7
Crestwood 47, North Pocono 0
Crestwood 56, Berwick 21
Crestwood 69, Hanover Area 7
Crestwood 35, Hazleton Area 14
Crestwood 45, Wilkes-Barre Area 14
Crestwood 51, Williamsport 13
Crestwood 49, Valley West 21
Crestwood 49, Wyoming Area 7
Dallas 35, Crestwood 14
Crestwood 20, Valley View 7

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game stats: 9/23/2022
Friday, September 23, 20221234OTFinal

Team statsPlayer stats
Offense StatisticsWilCrest
Extra Pts Att 2 6
Extra Pts Made 1 5
FG Att 0 0
FGs Made 0 0
First Downs 5 18
Pass Att 9 3
Pass Comp 5 3
Pass INTs 0 0
Pass TDs 1 0
Pass Yds 74 yards 49 yards
Rec TDs 1 0
Rec Yds 74 yards 49 yards
Receptions 5 3
Return Yardage 0 yards 0 yards
Rush Att 26 32
Rush TDs 1 5
Rush Yds 45 yards 352 yards

Defense StatisticsWilCrest
Def INTs 0 0
Sacks 0 0
Tackles 0 0

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Antosh, Michael 2Tight End Senior
Bibla, Magnus 12Tight End Senior
Dennis, Brendan 1Wide Receiver Senior
Hilpp, Josh 19Wide Receiver Senior
Jardine, Aidan 68Offensive Line Senior
Jones, John 72Offensive Line Senior
Kakalecik, Cole 11Full Back Senior
Knight, Robert 3Wide Receiver Senior
Makowski, Evyn 17Full Back Senior
Miscavage, Nick 4Wide Receiver Senior
Price, Logan 56Offensive Line Senior
Schultz, Noah 6Quarterback Senior
Sheloski, Zach 80Tight End Senior
Smolenak, Chris 66Offensive Line Senior
Urbanovitch, Wyatt 55Offensive Line Senior
Weaver, Owen 7Tight End Senior
Angon, Allen 33Running Back Junior
Barret, James 48Running Back Junior
Girton, Mayson 45Offensive Line Junior
Grigas, Osten 81Wide Receiver Junior
Harmon, Chris 77Offensive Line Junior
Lawson, Lucas 70Offensive Line Junior
Lenahan, Andrew 50Offensive Line Junior
O'Boyle, Matthew 99Tight End Junior
Rolles, Logan 21Running Back Junior
Rotski, Joshua 62Offensive Line Junior
Sklaroski, Matthew 18Wide Receiver Junior
Swank, Jay 9Wide Receiver Junior
Swerdon, Luke 79Offensive Line Junior
Bibla, Lincoln 44Full Back Sophomore
Davidson, Brady 26Running Back Sophomore
Dilodovico, Dane 67Offensive Line Sophomore
Draina, Kyle 60Offensive Line Sophomore
Jaskiewicz, Aleks 74Offensive Line Sophomore
Kennedy, Carter 5Tight End Sophomore
Lazo, Colin 22Running Back Sophomore
McLaughlin, Thomas 14Wide Receiver Sophomore
Meadows, Eli 25Full Back Sophomore
Phillips, John 52Offensive Line Sophomore
Phillips, Lukas 24Wide Receiver Sophomore
Sellers, Corban 75Offensive Line Sophomore
Urban, Matt 64Offensive Line Sophomore
Yeager, Michael 36Full Back Sophomore
Ansari, Zayan 58Tight End Freshman
Augustine, John 42Full Back Freshman
Barna, Giovanni 34Running Back Freshman
Cook, Brady 61Offensive Line Freshman
Gensil, Dylan 90Full Back Freshman
Groza, Christian 63Offensive Line Freshman
Lozano, Gonzalo 51Offensive Line Freshman
Marsico, Noah 80Wide Receiver Freshman
Seyer, Emmett 20Full Back Freshman
Shedlock, Jaden 10Quarterback Freshman
Stavitski, Thomas 54Tight End Freshman
Wagaman, Connor 88Tight End Freshman
Wanyo, Carter 32Wide Receiver Freshman

Season offense stat totals
PlayerRush AttRush YdsRush TDsReceptionsRec YdsRec TDsPass CompPass AttPass INTsPass YdsPass TDsExtra Pts MadeExtra Pts AttFGs MadeFG Att2-point conv. rushes2-point conv. receptions2-point conv. passesFumbles returned for TDKickoffs returned for TDPunts return for TDReturnsReturn Yardage
Kakalecik, Cole00000000000000000000000
Schultz, Noah25924143518193201000000010000100
Dennis, Brendan504063437000000000000000000
Knight, Robert302364529000000000000000000
Miscavage, Nick91182000230462000000001000
Swank, Jay1156100000000000000000000
Bibla, Magnus000331000000000000000000
Sklaroski, Matthew00018000000000000000000
Hilpp, Josh0007144200000000000000000
Rolles, Logan25148244500000058670000000000
Angon, Allen12102200000000000000000000
Bibla, Lincoln000113000000000000000000
Jardine, Aidan00000000000000000000000
Sheloski, Zach000222100000000000000000
Grigas, Osten836000000000000000000000
Shedlock, Jaden138116917000438714763000000000000
Makowski, Evyn430000000000000000000000
Lazo, Colin20237400000000000000000000
Davidson, Brady1291100000000000000000000
Wanyo, Carter36000000000000000000000
Barna, Giovanni219000000000000000000000
Wagaman, Connor514000000000000000000000

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