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Honesdale High School

Address: 459 Terrace St.

Honesdale, PA 18431
Mascot: Hornets
Male population: 403
Female population: 368
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game stats: 2/18/2020
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Burlein, Jakob 55Offensive Line Graduate 2021
Carmody, Brady 88Tight End Graduate 2021
Charpentier, John 45Wide Receiver Graduate 2021
Dailey, Timmy 54Tight End Graduate 2021
Davis, Xander 68Offensive Line Graduate 2021
DeGroat, Jordan 65Center Graduate 2021
Deron, Sam 15Tight End Graduate 2021
Egan, Jacob 70Offensive Line Graduate 2021
Faithful, Tyler 10Wide Receiver Graduate 2021
Hanson, Brady 66Kicker Graduate 2021
Hendrickson, Nathaniel 27Running Back Graduate 2021
Johnson, Geoffery 75Offensive Line Graduate 2021
Orrick, Jacob 22Full Back Graduate 2021
Reed, Trevor 34Running Back Graduate 2021
Rogers, Kane 50Guard Graduate 2021
Rowles, Tanner 73Offensive Line Graduate 2021
Sandy, Izaiah 52Guard Graduate 2021
Savage, John 79Offensive Line Graduate 2021
Stinavage, Joshua 25Wide Receiver Graduate 2021
West, Peter 1Quarterback Graduate 2021
Bennett, Bradley 71Tackle Senior
Bird, Takoda 78Offensive Line Senior
Briggs, Mason 20Wide Receiver Senior
Clark, Joshua 74Offensive Line Senior
Demutis, Logan 35Running Back Senior
Gombita, Dallas 48Running Back Senior
Hanson, Kyle 77Offensive Line Senior
Kelleher, Jack 84Tight End Senior
Moreau, Nick 58Offensive Line Senior
Salvatoriello, Pat 40Running Back Senior
Schmitt, Connor 3Running Back Senior
Wilken, Zack 62Kicker Senior
Carmody, Isaac 6Wide Receiver Junior
Decker, Trent 85Tight End Junior
Fitzgerald, John 60Offensive Line Junior
Fries, Kole 2Wide Receiver Junior
Fritz, Bennett 32Tight End Junior
Hinton, C.J. 4Running Back Junior
Kauffman, Johnny 7Quarterback Junior
McLaughlin, Braden 5Running Back Junior
Mickel, Max 24Running Back Junior
Moran, Charlie 36Wide Receiver Junior
Mundy, Jake 11Wide Receiver Junior
Patel, Guru 67Offensive Line Junior
Peak, Lance 17Wide Receiver Junior
Phillips, Aaron 46Full Back Junior
Renner, Paul 44Tight End Junior
Rylka, Dom 30Running Back Junior
Southerton, Kage 28Wide Receiver Junior
Winters, Tyler 12Wide Receiver Junior

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