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Lake-Lehman Junior/Senior High School

Address: Old Route 115

Lehman, PA 18627
Mascot: Black Knights
Male population: 267
Female population: 253
Recent scores
Wyoming Area 48, Lake-Lehman 12
Lake-Lehman 42, Lakeland 12
Dallas 45, Lake-Lehman 6
Lake-Lehman 35, Nanticoke Area 0
Lake-Lehman 35, Mid Valley 0
Lake-Lehman 41, Holy Redeemer 6
Wyoming Area 35, Lake-Lehman 30
Lake-Lehman 37, Northwest 13
Lake-Lehman 48, Carbondale Area 14
Lake-Lehman 36, Hanover Area 9
Lake-Lehman 25, Lakeland 13
Western Wayne 33, Lake-Lehman 7

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game stats: 11/4/2011

Team statsPlayer stats
Offense StatisticsLLWA
Extra Pts Att 0 0
Extra Pts Made 0 4
FG Att 0 0
FGs Made 0 0
First Downs 17 16
Pass Att 27 5
Pass Comp 18 2
Pass INTs 0 0
Pass TDs 0 1
Pass Yds 157 yards 32 yards
Rec TDs 0 1
Rec Yds 157 yards 32 yards
Receptions 18 2
Return Yardage 0 yards 0 yards
Rush Att 26 40
Rush TDs 2 5
Rush Yds 68 yards 361 yards

Defense StatisticsLLWA
Def INTs 0 0
Sacks 0 0
Tackles 0 0

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Heinrich, Dutin 15Wide Receiver
Scouton, Jeremy 23Running Back
Team, 0 
Ward, Tyler 0 
Bruno, Grayson 83Tight End Senior
Ferguson, Jake 7Quarterback Senior
Ferrari, Giovani 6Wide Receiver Senior
Galasso, Matt 21Wide Receiver Senior
Hoyt, Logan 77Tackle Senior
James, Justin 75Guard Senior
Kaminski, Casey 4Wide Receiver Senior
Kapitula, Myka 70Guard Senior
Kojadinovich, Zack 25Running Back Senior
Lopasky, Wyatt 58Guard Senior
Robbins, Scott 34Full Back Senior
Roote, Devyn 18Wide Receiver Senior
Sabaluski, Sean 84Wide Receiver Senior
Salus, Nate 8Kicker Senior
Taylor, Bryce 35Wide Receiver Senior
Thomas, Josiah 19Wide Receiver Senior
Traver, Chris 61Guard Senior
Adams, Ethan 11Quarterback Junior
Cole, Chase 67Guard Junior
Concklin, Damian 55Tight End Junior
Eiden, Ryan 28Running Back Junior
Hanley, Sean 50Guard Junior
Kennedy, Colby 10Wide Receiver Junior
Kutz, Danny 43Running Back Junior
Labar, William 88Wide Receiver Junior
Monko, Jacob 22Wide Receiver Junior
Napierkowski, Blaise 64Tackle Junior
Schecterly, Tim 20Full Back Junior
Spencer, Luke 29Running Back Junior
Trumbower, Jake 0  Junior
Woodrosky, Marshall 24Wide Receiver Junior
Zaboski, Nick 33Running Back Junior
Groboski, Aaron 69Tackle Sophomore
Simoson, Jake 65Guard Sophomore
Spencer, Connor 89Wide Receiver Sophomore
Vegas, Joe 45Full Back Sophomore

Season offense stat totals
PlayerRush AttRush YdsRush TDsReceptionsRec YdsRec TDsPass CompPass AttPass INTsPass YdsPass TDsExtra Pts MadeExtra Pts AttFGs MadeFG Att2-point conv. rushes2-point conv. receptions2-point conv. passesFumbles returned for TDKickoffs returned for TDPunts return for TDReturnsReturn Yardage
Kojadinovich, Zack1136281027321200000000000000000
Ferguson, Jake00000001000000000000000
Kaminski, Casey347134432800000000000000000
Robbins, Scott1163100000000000000000000
Kutz, Danny00020227300000000001000000
Trumbower, Jake000121000000000000000000
Zaboski, Nick00018100000000000000000
Thomas, Josiah00015000000000000000000
Spencer, Luke55901832430000017162200100000
Adams, Ethan9847150001632425222125000010100000
Eiden, Ryan34227254760700000000011000000
Kennedy, Colby0007135100000000000000000
Labar, William11014000000000000000000
Woodrosky, Marshall00000000000000000000100
James, Justin39100000000000000000000
Salus, Nate0000000000017190000000000
Taylor, Bryce21000000000000000000000
Monko, Jacob2137000027190000000000000
Heinrich, Dutin00000000000000000000000
Scouton, Jeremy50269300000000000000000000
Ward, Tyler00000000000000000000000

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41320Wyoming Area222610623288328.8
627100Wilkes-Barre Area169415113205320.5
81290Pittston Area73617052441244.1
111230Hazleton Area92811002028202.8
121330Valley West15065022008200.8
131220Hanover Area11977101907190.7
141270Nanticoke Area11167721888188.8
151240Holy Redeemer353632985109.4