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Meyers High School

Address: 341 Carey Ave.

Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702
Mascot: Mohawks
Male population: 193
Female population: 213
Recent scores
GAR 46, Meyers 19
Holy Redeemer 25, Meyers 18
Northwest Area 56, Meyers 7
Nanticoke 28, Meyers 12
Hanover Area 37, Meyers 21
Lake-Lehman 13, Meyers 12
Lackawanna Trail 28, Meyers 16
Meyers 20, Riverside 0
Meyers 19, Susquehanna 14
Meyers 58, Montrose 0

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    Friday, October 31, 20141234OTFinal

    Team statsPlayer stats
    Offense StatisticsMeyGAR
    Extra Pts Att 2 3
    Extra Pts Made 1 3
    FG Att 0 1
    FGs Made 0 1
    First Downs 7 15
    Pass Att 8 5
    Pass Comp 4 4
    Pass INTs 2 0
    Pass TDs 0 2
    Pass Yds 59 yards 163 yards
    Rec TDs 0 2
    Rec Yds 59 yards 163 yards
    Receptions 4 4
    Return Yardage 0 yards 0 yards
    Rush Att 42 38
    Rush TDs 3 3
    Rush Yds 128 yards 224 yards

    Defense StatisticsMeyGAR
    Def INTs 0 2
    Sacks 0 0
    Tackles 0 0

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    Nelson, Najeer 9 
    Assuah, Richard 71Offensive Line Senior
    Barndt, Codey 19Wide Receiver Senior
    Bower, Jeremiah 81Wide Receiver Senior
    Cistrunk, T.J. 99Tight End Senior
    Dunell, Zahir 2Quarterback Senior
    Edward, Chris 62Offensive Line Senior
    Eyerman, Terry 44Tight End Senior
    Hutchings, Quince 28Running Back Senior
    Morales, Adelberto 65Offensive Line Senior
    Mouzone, AJ 21Running Back Senior
    Santos, Anthony 6Wide Receiver Senior
    Sisko, Nicholas 34Kicker Senior
    Williams, Cahleed 8Wide Receiver Senior
    Yanora, Austin 52Offensive Line Senior
    Betz, Enrique 9Running Back Junior
    Biggs, Fabian 14Running Back Junior
    Capozzi, Nick 72Offensive Line Junior
    Dempsey, Michael 22Running Back Junior
    Maffei, Julian 11Quarterback Junior
    Manget, Simron 5Wide Receiver Junior
    Moore, Maliek 75Offensive Line Junior
    Robinson, Mark 1Running Back Junior
    Robinson, Josh 4Wide Receiver Junior
    Rosado, David 53Offensive Line Junior
    Ryman, Dillan 82Wide Receiver Junior
    Schiowitz, Josh 3Running Back Junior
    Setta, Gino 0  Junior
    Solomon, Emmanuel 17Tight End Junior
    Telesco, Carlo 66Offensive Line Junior
    Yekel, Matt 50Tight End Junior
    Betz, Erik 25Wide Receiver Sophomore
    Borom, Lucas 61Offensive Line Sophomore
    Capinas, Thomas 12Wide Receiver Sophomore
    Dejesus, McDaniels 63Offensive Line Sophomore
    Evans, Paul 55Offensive Line Sophomore
    Eyerman, Jay 31Wide Receiver Sophomore
    Mondragon, Alfondso 20Full Back Sophomore
    Patterson, Chayne 23Wide Receiver Sophomore
    Perkins IV, Preston 78Offensive Line Sophomore
    Shivers, Abdul 30Running Back Sophomore
    Wallace, Willie 10Quarterback Sophomore
    Williams, Khabir 29Wide Receiver Sophomore
    Williams, Bill 57Offensive Line Sophomore
    Morel, Steven 7Wide Receiver Freshman

    Season offense stat totals
    PlayerRush AttRush YdsRush TDsReceptionsRec YdsRec TDsPass CompPass AttPass INTsPass YdsPass TDsExtra Pts MadeExtra Pts AttFGs MadeFG Att2-point conv. rushes2-point conv. receptions2-point conv. passesFumbles returned for TDKickoffs returned for TDPunts return for TDReturnsReturn Yardage
    Cistrunk, T.J.0009118100000000000000000
    Schiowitz, Josh5103113100000000000000000
    Dunell, Zahir14682284170174242793000030000000
    Hutchings, Quince1431000000000000000000000
    Yanora, Austin614000000000000000000000
    Telesco, Carlo626100000000000000000000
    Assuah, Richard11000000000000000000000
    Setta, Gino00000000000340000000000
    Sisko, Nicholas00000000000340000000000
    Biggs, Fabian5-1000000000000000000000
    Robinson, Mark1015658765000000000030011000
    Dempsey, Michael201221656200000000010000000
    Morel, Steven000119100000000000000000
    Wallace, Willie16-7312140204381712000000000000
    Mondragon, Alfondso000111000000000000000000
    Mouzone, AJ73357216000000000010000000
    Eyerman, Jay00000000000000000010000
    Nelson, Najeer310000000000000000000000

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    41280Northwest Area177014673237294.3
    61320Wyoming Area19894972486248.6
    81240Holy Redeemer89512402135213.5