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Meyers High School

Address: 341 Carey Ave.

Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702
Mascot: Mohawks
Male population: 193
Female population: 213
Recent scores
Nanticoke 6, Meyers 0
Nanticoke 1, Meyers 0
Holy Redeemer 7, Meyers 2
MMI Prep 8, Meyers 1
Wyoming Seminary 1, Meyers 0
Northwest Area 10, Meyers 5
Meyers 6, Hanover Area 4
Meyers 9, GAR 8
Nanticoke 4, Meyers 0
MMI Prep 1, Meyers 0
Hanover Area 8, Meyers 1
Meyers 11, Wyoming Seminary 6
Meyers 17, GAR 16
Northwest Area 11, Meyers 1
Holy Redeemer 9, Meyers 1

Upcoming games
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    latest game stats

    Almonte, O.J. 0Catcher Senior
    Hernandez, Erick 0Outfielder Senior
    Falzone, Lee 0First Baseman Junior
    Lopez, Julian 0Outfielder Junior
    Maffei, Julian 0Infielder Junior
    Mapes, Doug 0Outfielder Junior
    Ostrowski, Keith 0Infielder Junior
    Yekel, Matt 0First Baseman Junior
    Fox, Paul 0Outfielder Sophomore
    Franco, Pablo 0Infielder Sophomore
    Gilgallon, Ryan 0Infielder Sophomore
    Kendra, Alex 0Outfielder Sophomore
    Nargoski, David 0Infielder Sophomore
    Nargoski, Jacob 0Utility Sophomore
    Pasone, Colin 0Outfielder Sophomore
    Galey, Nick 0Infielder Freshman
    Macko, Kenny 0Infielder Freshman
    Ostrowski, Kyle 0Utility Freshman

    Almonte, O,J, .143617100
    Yekel, Matt .154220000
    Maffei, Julian .2171045100
    Pasone, Colin .32717139210
    Hernandez, Erick .250311000
    Ostrowski, Keith .2171091000
    Gilgallon, Ryan .3781778600
    Falzone, Lee .133200000
    Lopez, Julian        
    Mapes, Doug        
    Fox, Paul .172564100
    Franco, Pablo        
    Kendra, Alex        
    Nargoski, David .2171073000
    Nargoski, Jacob .100210000
    Galey, Nick .071100000
    Macko, Kenny .067131000
    Ostrowski, Kyle .059100000
    NameLeague W/LNon-league W/LERAStrikeouts
    Almonte, O,J, 0-00-0  
    Pasone, Colin 0-10-07.8015
    Ostrowski, Keith 0-40-05.607
    Gilgallon, Ryan 2-30-13.3929
    Galey, Nick 0-00-06.47 
    Macko, Kenny 1-20-04.209

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