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Tamaqua Area High School

Address: 500 Penn Street

Tamaqua, PA 18252
Mascot: Blue Raiders
Male population: 280
Female population: 252
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Ortiz, Love 0 
Wickersham, Nate 0 
Cammarota, Luca 70Offensive Line Senior
Coady, Aydan 26Wide Receiver Senior
Coleman, Parker 66Offensive Line Senior
DeAngelo, Bryce 65Offensive Line Senior
Gregoire, Nathan 10Tight End Senior
Kostecky, Steven 2Wide Receiver Senior
Linkhorst, Adam 8Wide Receiver Senior
McGlinchey, Zach 62Offensive Line Senior
Milkovits, Nathan 6Wide Receiver Senior
O'Brien, Trevor 53Offensive Line Senior
Semko, Gavin 64Offensive Line Senior
Wasserleben, Jacob 54Offensive Line Senior
Coleman, Gabriel 0Wide Receiver Junior
Coleman, Michael 0Wide Receiver Junior
Curvey, Isaac 21Tight End Junior
Devlin, Tegan 0  Junior
Fannock, Nate 33Wide Receiver Junior
Klein, John 12Tight End Junior
Shelton, Josh 50Offensive Line Junior
Snyder, Ryan 52Offensive Line Junior
Steigerwalt, Jeffrey 78Offensive Line Junior
Stewart, Warren 24Running Back Junior
Coleman, Zander 9Quarterback Sophomore
DeBellis, Anthony 51Offensive Line Sophomore
Dennis, Spencer 76Offensive Line Sophomore
Dillon, Connor 43Wide Receiver Sophomore
Green, Adam 89Wide Receiver Sophomore
Reigel, Nathan 36Full Back Sophomore
Sell, Devin 27Wide Receiver Sophomore
Sell, Damon 28Wide Receiver Sophomore
Styka, Michael 60Offensive Line Sophomore
Welsh, Matthew 72Offensive Line Sophomore
Westwood, Paul 82Wide Receiver Sophomore

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