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Tunkhannock Area High School

Address: 120 W. Tioga St.

Tunkhannock, PA 18657
Mascot: Tigers
Male population: 446
Female population: 368
Recent scores
Coughlin 42, Tunkhannock 0
Northwest Area 43, Tunkhannock 6
Williamsport 47, Tunkhannock 14
Tunkhannock 40, Honesdale 8
Wyoming Area 49, Tunkhannock 6
Scranton Prep 62, Tunkhannock 7
Western Wayne 21, Tunkhannock 20

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    Saturday, November 07, 20151234OTFinal

    Team statsPlayer stats
    Offense StatisticsTunkCou
    Extra Pts Att 0 6
    Extra Pts Made 0 6
    FG Att 0 0
    FGs Made 0 0
    First Downs 7 14
    Pass Att 21 1
    Pass Comp 8 1
    Pass INTs 3 0
    Pass TDs 0 0
    Pass Yds 104 yards 8 yards
    Rec TDs 0 0
    Rec Yds 104 yards 8 yards
    Receptions 9 1
    Return Yardage 0 yards 0 yards
    Rush Att 15 33
    Rush TDs 0 5
    Rush Yds -2 yards 268 yards

    Defense StatisticsTunkCou
    Def INTs 0 3
    Sacks 0 0
    Tackles 0 0

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    Thomas, N. 0 
    Beamer, Fred 33Wide Receiver Senior
    Bernosky, Jarod 25Tight End Senior
    Cywinski, Ryan 3Running Back Senior
    Flaherty, Josh 55Center Senior
    Gavik, Joe 52Linebacker Senior
    Holton, Shane 54Tight End Senior
    Kalacinski, Jake 16Running Back Senior
    Smits, Thomas 9Tight End Senior
    Stevens, Ricky 53Guard Senior
    Webb, Brad 79Tackle Senior
    Davis, Stephen 64Guard Junior
    Hopkins, Hunter 4Quarterback Junior
    Muckin, Brian 23Wide Receiver Junior
    Payton, Alex 67Tackle Junior
    Steele, Bryce 11Wide Receiver Junior
    Taylor, Mike 27Running Back Junior
    Walsh, John 61Tackle Junior
    Cook, Keegan 24Running Back Sophomore
    Cywinski, Logan 12Quarterback Sophomore
    Harry, Charles 59Center Sophomore
    Holton, Mark 71Guard Sophomore
    LoBouno, Danny 19Wide Receiver Sophomore
    Munley, Connor 11Wide Receiver Sophomore
    Parry, Thomas 72Tackle Sophomore
    Pugh, Tyler 56Guard Sophomore
    Seboe, Braden 81Wide Receiver Sophomore
    Shirtz, Nate 57Tackle Sophomore
    Anthony, Carl 52Guard Freshman
    Bell, Keegan 2Running Back Freshman
    Borgeson, Zak 66Defensive End Freshman
    Christ, Kurtis 88Wide Receiver Freshman
    Hopkins, Garrett 28Running Back Freshman
    Peterson, Tyler 51Center Freshman
    Ramey, Matt 44Running Back Freshman
    Robinson, Dennie 21Wide Receiver Freshman
    Rogers, Zac 8Quarterback Freshman
    Scranta, Derek 69Guard Freshman
    Stephens, Jake 87Tight End Freshman

    Season offense stat totals
    PlayerRush AttRush YdsRush TDsReceptionsRec YdsRec TDsPass CompPass AttPass INTsPass YdsPass TDsExtra Pts MadeExtra Pts AttFGs MadeFG Att2-point conv. rushes2-point conv. receptions2-point conv. passesFumbles returned for TDKickoffs returned for TDPunts return for TDReturnsReturn Yardage
    Cywinski, Ryan91533911129000000000011000000
    Steele, Bryce126105880141260000000000000
    Muckin, Brian214016217100000570000000000
    Hopkins, Hunter26-251190123852011000000000000
    Bernosky, Jarod130533000000000000000000
    Webb, Brad835100000000000000000000
    Taylor, Mike384411255001100000000000000
    Gavik, Joe1557000000000000000000000
    Munley, Connor000549000000000000000000
    Cywinski, Logan1166405000408243720000000100000
    Seboe, Braden000126000000000000000000
    Thomas, N.36000000000000000000000

    Season defense stat totals
    PlayerDef INTsINTs returned for TDSacksTackles
    Cywinski, Ryan1000
    Steele, Bryce0000
    Muckin, Brian0000
    Hopkins, Hunter0000
    Bernosky, Jarod0000
    Webb, Brad0000
    Taylor, Mike1000
    Gavik, Joe0000
    Munley, Connor0000
    Cywinski, Logan0000
    Seboe, Braden0000
    Thomas, N.0000

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