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Williams Valley High School

Address: 10330 State Route 209

Tower City, PA 17980
Mascot: Vikings
Male population: 135
Female population: 133
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Bettinger, Kobe 55Offensive Line Senior
Engle, Jesse 12Running Back Senior
Herb, Bryce 6Quarterback Senior
Herman, Jake 23Wide Receiver Senior
Jillard, Tristan 16Wide Receiver Senior
Rudy, Joshua 52Offensive Line Senior
Talmadge, Tanner 43Running Back Senior
Batz, Camiren 76Offensive Line Junior
Cockerill, Zach 73Offensive Line Junior
Deibert, Caden 65Offensive Line Junior
Drum, Camden 55Offensive Line Junior
Joseph, Nic 7Wide Receiver Junior
Malkoski, Colin 72Offensive Line Junior
Peters, Dylan 5Wide Receiver Junior
Shoop, Owen 74Offensive Line Junior
Webster, Ethan 59Offensive Line Junior
Wolfgang, Hunter 1Wide Receiver Junior
Yoder, Jackson 75Offensive Line Junior
Banda, Cruz 52Offensive Line Sophomore
Carter, Tyrell 71Offensive Line Sophomore
Evans, Brady 3Wide Receiver Sophomore
Hite, Ezi 64Guard Sophomore
Hoover, Bryant 60Offensive Line Sophomore
Koons, Wyatt 80Wide Receiver Sophomore
Lott, Jeremiah 69Offensive Line Sophomore
Miller, Gage 30Running Back Sophomore
Miller, Aiden 31Running Back Sophomore
Shadle, Brayden 56Offensive Line Sophomore
Ulsh, Ben 81Wide Receiver Sophomore
Whiteash, Isaac 11Quarterback Sophomore
Willard, Logan 42Wide Receiver Sophomore

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