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Carbondale Area Jr/Sr High School

Address: 101 Brooklyn St.
Business Route 6
Carbondale, PA 18407
Mascot: Chargers
Male population: 202
Female population: 184
Recent scores
Wyoming Area 55, Carbondale Area 13
Mid Valley 47, Carbondale Area 20
Carbondale Area 42, Montrose 8
Carbondale Area 42, Riverside 34
Carbondale Area 52, Susquehanna 26
Dunmore 17, Carbondale Area 8
Lakeland 33, Carbondale Area 14
Carbondale Area 44, Hanover Area 0
Old Forge 41, Carbondale Area 10
Carbondale Area 54, Holy Cross 27
Lackawanna Trail 28, Carbondale Area 0

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latest game stats
Friday, November 5, 20211234OTFinal
Carbondale Area3370-13
Wyoming Area614287-55

Team statsPlayer stats
Offense StatisticsCARWA
Extra Pts Att 1 7
Extra Pts Made 1 7
FG Att 2 0
FGs Made 2 0
First Downs 8 18
Pass Att 9 14
Pass Comp 4 8
Pass INTs 0 0
Pass TDs 0 1
Pass Yds 103 yards 207 yards
Rec TDs 0 1
Rec Yds 103 yards 205 yards
Receptions 4 8
Return Yardage 0 yards 0 yards
Rush Att 38 27
Rush TDs 1 6
Rush Yds 177 yards 318 yards

Defense StatisticsCARWA
Def INTs 0 0
Sacks 0 0
Tackles 0 0

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Baylor, C 0Kicker
Ottone, L 0 
Sales, 0 
Battle, Daniel 67Offensive Line Senior
Colonna, Logan 39Full Back Senior
Durst, Will 33Full Back Senior
Kovaleski, Luke 74Offensive Line Senior
Lee, Aaron 50Offensive Line Senior
McCord, Nick 14Wide Receiver Senior
Misko, Liam 77Offensive Line Senior
Mushow, Guy 5Quarterback Senior
Orta, Carlos 53Offensive Line Senior
Purvis, Jonathan 75Offensive Line Senior
Salvatore, Paul 70Offensive Line Senior
Shaw, Nathan 0Offensive Line Senior
Thomas, Damian 83Wide Receiver Senior
Tierney, Josh 66Offensive Line Senior
Wormuth, Logan 43Full Back Senior
Arthur, Chase 55Offensive Line Junior
Connor, Gavin 51Offensive Line Junior
Cruz, Nate 82Wide Receiver Junior
Debish, Paul 21Wide Receiver Junior
DePalma, Vincent 18Running Back Junior
Huston, Robbie 78Offensive Line Junior
Iwanowski, James 63Offensive Line Junior
Kilmer, Noah 56Offensive Line Junior
Kovaleski, Chaz 99Tight End Junior
Naro, Quintin 7Wide Receiver Junior
Reams, Davon 1Running Back Junior
Richardson, Brenden 84Tight End Junior
Rodriguez, Emilio 20Wide Receiver Junior
Titley, Cam 72Offensive Line Junior
Toy, Justin 68Offensive Line Junior
Ulmer, Jacob 52Offensive Line Junior
Zantowsky, Kyle 88Wide Receiver Junior
Alexander, Mitchell 46Tight End Sophomore
Aponte, Dominique 65Offensive Line Sophomore
Bailer, Collin 26Kicker Sophomore
Baldaras, Andrew 10Wide Receiver Sophomore
Baron, Mason 11Wide Receiver Sophomore
Bennett, Darryl 2Quarterback Sophomore
DeBarry, Malachi 4Tight End Sophomore
Mackenzie, Ulric 0Offensive Line Sophomore
O'Dowd, Will 6Wide Receiver Sophomore
Ormes, Colin 3Running Back Sophomore
Orta, Jonathan 23Wide Receiver Sophomore
Wormuth, Ian 36Wide Receiver Sophomore
Brewen, Ethen 22Full Back Freshman
Gonzalez, Daniel 13Wide Receiver Freshman
Haynes, Ryan 24Wide Receiver Freshman
Kilmer, Isaiah 16Wide Receiver Freshman
Myers, Jordan 28Running Back Freshman
Rosler, Jake 12Wide Receiver Freshman
Santos, Scott 47Wide Receiver Freshman

Season offense stat totals
PlayerRush AttRush YdsRush TDsReceptionsRec YdsRec TDsPass CompPass AttPass INTsPass YdsPass TDsExtra Pts MadeExtra Pts AttFGs MadeFG Att2-point conv. rushes2-point conv. receptions2-point conv. passesFumbles returned for TDKickoffs returned for TDPunts return for TDReturnsReturn Yardage
Misko, Liam16000000000000000000000
Wormuth, Logan29293512192200000000001000000
Mushow, Guy201501181337664304000020100000
DePalma, Vincent1801379147611341861000030100000
Colonna, Logan15000000000000000000000
Tierney, Josh13000000000000000000000
Kovaleski, Luke13000000000000000000000
Baldaras, Andrew00000000000000000000000
Bennett, Darryl14401-30240361000001000000
Baron, Mason10000000000000000000000
Reams, Davon66520126101200000110030000000
Brewen, Ethen43000000000000000000000
Orta, Jonathan2-3010183100000000000000000
Ormes, Colin1336000000000110000000000
Durst, Will53000000000000000000000
Santos, Scott213000000000000000000000
Orta, Carlos12100000000000000000000
Arthur, Chase13000000000000000000000
Zantowsky, Kyle00000000000000000000000
Sales, 00000000000000000000000
Bailer, Collin0000000000022233300000000
Ottone, L12000000000000000000000

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Retrieving standings...
(L) = in-league record. (O) = overall record.
RankTeamW (L)L (L)W (O)L (O)Dist. Pts.
1 Delaware Valley 40730
2 North Pocono 31820
3 Scranton 22460
4 Wallenpaupack 13460
5 Abington Heights 04280