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East Stroudsburg Area South High School

Address: 279 N. Courtland St

East Stroudsburg, PA 18301
Male population: 590
Female population: 558
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Britton, Jamier 16Wide Receiver Senior
Bulay, Shane 10Wide Receiver Senior
Calloway, Mekhi 79Offensive Line Senior
Cinque, Salvator 75Offensive Line Senior
Cruz, Nicholas 15Wide Receiver Senior
Farris, Ryan 42Wide Receiver Senior
Gillespie, Eric 28Tight End Senior
Green, Michael 20Wide Receiver Senior
Jones, Blaise 35Running Back Senior
Juszynski, Aaron 40Kicker Senior
Long, Mason 22Tight End Senior
McNeill, Marcus 6Wide Receiver Senior
Mitchell, Colby 13Quarterback Senior
Morgan, Amari 41Running Back Senior
Panepinto, Robert 72Offensive Line Senior
Patrick, Jakob 3Wide Receiver Senior
Prak, Cezar 73Offensive Line Senior
Watts, Jamal 52Offensive Line Senior
Wheeler, Donel 57Offensive Line Senior
Wright, Jonathan 25Wide Receiver Senior
Andreassi, Christopher 26Running Back Junior
Bartsch, Tyler 64Wide Receiver Junior
Beriguete, Jose 76Offensive Line Junior
Byrne, Justin 27Running Back Junior
Carvalho, Cole 17Quarterback Junior
Chapman, Jai 31Wide Receiver Junior
Cherif, Jalian 65Offensive Line Junior
Earle, Dyllan 45Wide Receiver Junior
Haines, Matthew 47Wide Receiver Junior
Hough, Amari 71Offensive Line Junior
Johnson, Michael 14Wide Receiver Junior
Jones, Amare 61Offensive Line Junior
Kiesling, Liam 54Offensive Line Junior
Lambert, Tyler 32Wide Receiver Junior
Lowris, Andrew 80Wide Receiver Junior
Meeker, Darryl 24Wide Receiver Junior
Palacio, Robert 33Wide Receiver Junior
Panepinto, Anthony 44Wide Receiver Junior
Peck, Ethan 29Running Back Junior
Sahibzada, Yaser 58Offensive Line Junior
Sirrine, Chris 81Wide Receiver Junior
Spencer, Nekhi 21Wide Receiver Junior
Stokes, Carmelo 46Running Back Junior
Toloza, Franco 38Wide Receiver Junior
Torres, Richard 19Wide Receiver Junior

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