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North Pocono High School

Address: 701 Church St.

Moscow, PA 18444
Mascot: Trojans
Male population: 415
Female population: 386
Recent scores
North Pocono 7, Scranton Prep 0
North Pocono 11, Abington Heights 0
North Pocono 5, West Scranton 1
North Pocono 4, Abington Heights 1
North Pocono 6, Abington Heights 2
North Pocono 3, Honesdale 2
North Pocono 11, Delaware Valley 1
Wallenpaupack 5, North Pocono 4
North Pocono 13, Wallenpaupack 3
North Pocono 7, Wallenpaupack 3
North Pocono 2, Scranton 0
North Pocono 3, Valley View 0

Upcoming games
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latest game stats

Cruciani, Ben 0First Baseman Senior
Donato, Tony 0Utility Senior
Kowalski, Mike 0Outfielder Senior
McLain, Nate 0Infielder Senior
Sapienza, Johnny 0Second Baseman Senior
Wall, Cory 0Infielder Senior
Baldauff, Colin 0  Junior
Deom, Ryan 0Infielder Junior
Lamparter, Shane 0Outfielder Junior
Mastillo, Jake 0Catcher Junior
McNulty, Stephen 0  Junior
Walsh, Daniel 0Outfielder Junior
Bosley, Kyle 0Outfielder Sophomore
Gutowski, Peter 0Catcher Sophomore
Holtsmaster, Adam 0  Sophomore
Leach, Zach 0  Sophomore
McMullen, Patrick 0Outfielder Sophomore
Olenchak, Ed 0  Sophomore
Schield, Ryan 0  Sophomore
Werner, Nate 0  Sophomore
Deom, Erik 0  Freshman
Gassert, Logan 0  Freshman
Grube, Chance 0  Freshman
Hannon, Tommy 0  Freshman
Kowalski, Matt 0  Freshman
Lane, Travis 0  Freshman
Maglio, DeMarco 0  Freshman
Mastillo, Jared 0  Freshman
Millan, Jake 0  Freshman
Pagotto, Nick 0  Freshman
Serine, Kyle 0  Freshman
Serine, Casey 0  Freshman
Walsh, Zach 0  Freshman

Kowalski, Mike .4671462100
Wall, Cory .45811612310
McLain, Nate .26811712400
Cruciani, Ben .226767300
Donato, Tony  000000
Deom, Ryan .265977200
Mastillo, Jake .4691549210
Walsh, Daniel .2508105101
Olenchak, Ed        
Sapienza, Johnny        
Lamparter, Shane .000031000
McMullen, Patrick .000010000
Bosley, Kyle .3331086300
Maglio, DeMarco .000000000
Walsh, Zach .000020000
Millan, Jake .33311137200
Gutowski, Peter .000010000
McNulty, Stephen .000000000
Baldauff, Colin        
Holtsmaster, Adam        
Schield, Ryan        
Werner, Nate        
Leach, Zach        
Deom, Erik        
Kowalski, Matt        
Grube, Chance        
Gassert, Logan        
Serine, Kyle        
Serine, Casey        
Hannon, Tommy        
Mastillo, Jared .000020000
Pagotto, Nick        
Lane, Travis .000000000
NameLeague W/LNon-league W/LERAStrikeouts
Wall, Cory 3-00-0.3243
McLain, Nate 5-00-0.5038
Donato, Tony 0-00-05.255
Deom, Ryan 3-10-0.8927

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(L) = in-league record. (O) = overall record.
RankTeamW (L)L (L)W (O)L (O)Dist. Pts.
1 Valley View 82820
2 Scranton Prep 37370
3 Honesdale 39390

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RowIndexteam_idplayer_idBatting AverageAverageHide
1154340149Kowalski, Mike (NP)0.421
2154343019Mastillo, Jake (NP)0.375
3154346883Bosley, Kyle (NP)0.368
4153646461Dempsey, Evan (AH)0.364
5153940868Holbert, Ty (WAL)0.35
6154348517Millan, Jake (NP)0.35
7154343018Deom, Ryan (NP)0.333
8153945161Santiago, Izaiah (WAL)0.333
9153644974Petty, Jake (AH)0.333
10153939831Kirsten, Tyler (WAL)0.318
11153940869Alessi, Max (WAL)0.313
12154340176Wall, Cory (NP)0.308
13153650229Miranda-Santos, Hector (AH)0.3
14153646460Lacey, T.J. (AH)0.3
15154343015McLain, Nate (NP)0.28
16154343016Cruciani, Ben (NP)0.263
17154343857Walsh, Daniel (NP)0.25
18153942700Vosburg, Derrick (WAL)0.25
19153643124Myers, James (AH)0.235
20153950266Nolan, Kyle (WAL)0.222