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Scranton Preparatory School

Address: 1000 Wyoming Ave.

Scranton, PA 18509
Mascot: Cavaliers
Male population: 345
Female population: 297
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game stats: 3/6/2020
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Clancy, Jack 3Wide Receiver Graduate 2021
Clarke, Conal 23Wide Receiver Graduate 2021
Gianello, Vito 8Tight End Graduate 2021
Grady, Paddy 10Quarterback Graduate 2021
Graniel, Christian 15Wide Receiver Graduate 2021
Johnson, Aden 4Running Back Graduate 2021
Lowe, Braxton 63Offensive Line Graduate 2021
McAndrew, Ryan 28Wide Receiver Graduate 2021
Mulligan, Max 1Wide Receiver Graduate 2021
Stephens, Chase 45Kicker Graduate 2021
Tomcho, John 30Wide Receiver Graduate 2021
Beermann, Dillon 20Running Back Senior
Burke, Jimmy 61Offensive Line Senior
Doughton, Kellen 60Offensive Line Senior
Durkin, Andrew 6Tight End Senior
Fediw, Marcel 35Running Back Senior
Frederick, Ben 80Tight End Senior
Golay, Michael 44Full Back Senior
Heffner, Skyler 43Full Back Senior
Jennette, Michael 17Wide Receiver Senior
Kenny, Adam 70Offensive Line Senior
Kohut, Christian 72Offensive Line Senior
Mackrell, Aiden 26Wide Receiver Senior
Maguire, Robert 14Wide Receiver Senior
McIntyre, David 92Wide Receiver Senior
O'Malley, Drew 53Offensive Line Senior
Osborne, Connor 22Wide Receiver Senior
Prutzman, Lane 40Kicker Senior
Roque, T.J. 5Full Back Senior
Rossi, Robert 11Wide Receiver Senior
Williams, Donovan 2Tight End Senior
Badick, Liam 74Offensive Line Junior
Colleran, Aidan 31Wide Receiver Junior
Dickson, Jack 25Wide Receiver Junior
Gentile, Jake 21Wide Receiver Junior
Haggerty, Daniel 82Tight End Junior
Heffner, Logan 51Offensive Line Junior
Kresefski, Ray 54Offensive Line Junior
Lettieri, Nicholas 50Offensive Line Junior
Mazza, Gino 77Offensive Line Junior
Millett, Sam 24Running Back Junior
Monahan, Sean 9Quarterback Junior
Montgomery, London 7Running Back Junior
Nicotera, Anthony 52Offensive Line Junior
O'Malley, Mick 33Full Back Junior
Pasko, Ryan 32Wide Receiver Junior
Pica, Luke 29Wide Receiver Junior
Pritchyk, Keith 88Tight End Junior
Toczydlowski, Joey 57Offensive Line Junior
Shnipes, Max 34Full Back Sophomore
Snyder, James 16Quarterback Sophomore

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