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Abington Heights High School

Address: 222 Noble Road

Clarks Summit, PA 18411
Mascot: Comets
Male population: 433
Female population: 454
Recent scores
Knoch 7, Abington Heights 5
Abington Heights 4, Pottsville 3
Abington Heights 6, Manheim Cent 1
Abington Heights 1, Jersey Shore 0
Abington Heights 4, Valley View 3
Abington Heights 6, North Pocono 1
Abington Heights 7, Pittston Area 1
Abington Heights 10, Lake-Lehman 0
Abington Heights 5, Valley View 2
Abington Heights 8, Valley View 5
Abington Heights 13, West Scranton 4
Abington Heights 9, Scranton 1
Abington Heights 4, Scranton Prep 3
Abington Heights 12, Western Wayne 4
Abington Heights 8, Honesdale 6
Abington Heights 3, Valley View 2
North Pocono 2, Abington Heights 1
Abington Heights 5, West Scranton 4
Scranton 6, Abington Heights 3
Scranton Prep 2, Abington Heights 1
Abington Heights 4, Wallenpaupack 0
Abington Heights 12, Delaware Valley 4

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    latest game stats

    Fayocavitz, Jimmy 0Infielder Senior
    Graham, Tim 0Pitcher Senior
    Ksiazek, Tyler 0Infielder Senior
    Manasek, Zach 0Outfielder Senior
    McDonald, Matt 0Infielder Senior
    Rodriguez, Austin 0Outfielder Senior
    Salerno, Eric 0Outfielder Senior
    Arnold, Sam 0Infielder Junior
    Campbell, Zach 0Catcher Junior
    Carlini, Nick 0Infielder Junior
    Hughes, Matt 0Catcher Junior
    Kelly, Pat 0Outfielder Junior
    Nolan, Peter 0Infielder Junior
    Spangenberg, Zach 0Infielder Junior
    Duboski, Anthony 0Outfielder Sophomore
    Harvey, Ryan 0Infielder Sophomore
    Huggler, Collin 0  Sophomore
    McCreary, Colin 0Outfielder Sophomore
    Rothenberger, Tom 0  Sophomore
    Swank, Jake 0Infielder Sophomore
    Vale, Ben 0Catcher Sophomore

    Fayocavitz, Jimmy .359232412100
    Manasek, Zach .229889120
    Ksiazek, Tyler .472341714610
    31045 0 bball        
    Graham, Tim .000000000
    McDonald, Matt .29415125400
    Arnold, Sam .24614116100
    Spangenberg, Zach .316241414400
    Campbell, Zach .405321521400
    Salerno, Eric .297221110400
    McCreary, Colin .33317911210
    Nolan, Peter .077121000
    Hughes, Matt .231606100
    Vale, Ben 1.000100000
    Rothenberger, Tom  020000
    Harvey, Ryan .176331000
    Huggler, Collin .000000000
    Rodriguez, Austin .000010000
    Carlini, Nick .000000000
    Kelly, Pat  010000
    Duboski, Anthony .000010000
    Swank, Jake        
    NameLeague W/LNon-league W/LERAStrikeouts
    Manasek, Zach 3-12-01.2046
    Ksiazek, Tyler 5-04-1.7978
    Graham, Tim 0-00-021.21 
    McDonald, Matt 1-10-03.3412
    Salerno, Eric 0-00-0  
    McCreary, Colin 0-10-03.893
    Nolan, Peter 1-00-0 5
    Harvey, Ryan 1-01-01.175

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    (L) = in-league record. (O) = overall record.
    RankTeamW (L)L (L)W (O)L (O)Dist. Pts.
    1 Abington Heights 1031030
    2 Valley View 93930
    3 Scranton 84840
    4 Scranton Prep 57570
    5 West Scranton 39390

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    RowIndexteam_idplayer_idBatting AverageAverageHide
    1153630463Ksiazek, Tyler (AH)0.5
    2154227339McCarthy, Jake (SCR)0.5
    3154234178Winsor, Travis (SCR)0.5
    4154235701Shields, Josh (SCR)0.5
    5154240113Mullen, Colin (SCR)0.5
    6154632378McHale, Mitch (VV)0.5
    7153633860Salerno, Eric (AH)0.429
    8154240109Lynch, Cory (SCR)0.417
    9153633858Campbell, Zach (AH)0.4
    10153734169Jakes, Tyler (WS)0.385
    11153628859Fayocavitz, Jimmy (AH)0.385
    12154631550Aniska, Thomas (VV)0.364
    13153735457Stetzar, Cole (WS)0.333
    14153736666Loureiro, Griffin (WS)0.333
    15154632379Kranick, Max (VV)0.333
    16154632380Peters, Brandon (VV)0.333
    17153736655Thomas, Jacob (WS)0.308
    18153732225Hart, P.J. (WS)0.308
    19153633857Spangenberg, Zach (AH)0.308
    20153633855McDonald, Matt (AH)0.3