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Old Forge High School

Address: 300 Marion St.

Old Forge, PA 18518
Mascot: Blue Devils
Male population: 126
Female population: 96
Recent scores
Blue Ridge 6, Old Forge 4
Riverside 8, Old Forge 5
Old Forge 10, Riverside 3
Old Forge 7, Mid Valley 5
Dunmore 2, Old Forge 1
Old Forge 10, Dunmore 0
Holy Cross 3, Old Forge 0
Old Forge 14, Carbondale Area 1
Old Forge 11, Carbondale Area 9
Lakeland 11, Old Forge 2
Old Forge 10, Holy Cross 7
Lakeland 5, Old Forge 2
Mid Valley 9, Old Forge 8
Lackawanna Trail 9, Old Forge 2
Lackawanna Trail 11, Old Forge 6

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    latest game stats

    Cantarella, A.J. 0Outfielder Senior
    Carpenter, Cameron 0Second Baseman Senior
    Grochowski, Eric 0Outfielder Senior
    McCool, Paul 0Outfielder Senior
    Monacelli, Mario 0Third Baseman Senior
    Vahey, Brandon 0  Senior
    Voyack, Ryan 0Outfielder Senior
    Wasko, Michael 0Infielder Senior
    Gutowski, Joey 0Utility Junior
    Hobbs, Gerald 0Infielder Junior
    Nocera, Nico 0Outfielder Junior
    Pelosi, Nick 0Utility Junior
    Febbo, Lorenzo 0  Sophomore
    Grochowski, Ben 0Utility Sophomore
    Harris, Troy 0  Sophomore
    Smith, Shane 0Catcher Sophomore
    Boettger, Mason 0Utility Freshman
    Mozeleski, Brendan 0Outfielder Freshman

    Vahey, Brandon .000000000
    Wasko, Michael .500100000
    Cantarella, A,J, .159795100
    Carpenter, Cameron .3831895200
    Gutowski, Joey .35616176400
    Nocera, Nico .000000000
    Grochowski, Eric .26914107010
    Hobbs, Gerald .2671295200
    Harris, Troy  010000
    Grochowski, Ben .41720916100
    Pelosi, Nick .333130000
    Voyack, Ryan .167101000
    Smith, Shane .25610109000
    Mozeleski, Brendan .34016118410
    McCool, Paul .000000000
    Monacelli, Mario .3781738200
    Boettger, Mason .500111000
    Febbo, Lorenzo .000000000
    NameLeague W/LNon-league W/LERAStrikeouts
    Wasko, Michael 0-00-0 4
    Cantarella, A,J, 0-10-113.257
    Gutowski, Joey 2-10-05.1320
    Hobbs, Gerald 1-20-14.4221
    Grochowski, Ben 2-20-13.9715
    Mozeleski, Brendan 1-00-03.4213
    Boettger, Mason 0-00-015.792

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    RankTeamW (L)L (L)W (O)L (O)Dist. Pts.
    1 Abington Heights 1031030
    2 Valley View 93930
    3 Scranton 84840
    4 Scranton Prep 57570
    5 West Scranton 39390

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    RowIndexteam_idplayer_idBatting AverageAverageHide
    1153630463Ksiazek, Tyler (AH)0.5
    2154227339McCarthy, Jake (SCR)0.5
    3154234178Winsor, Travis (SCR)0.5
    4154235701Shields, Josh (SCR)0.5
    5154240113Mullen, Colin (SCR)0.5
    6154632378McHale, Mitch (VV)0.5
    7153633860Salerno, Eric (AH)0.429
    8154240109Lynch, Cory (SCR)0.417
    9153633858Campbell, Zach (AH)0.4
    10153734169Jakes, Tyler (WS)0.385
    11153628859Fayocavitz, Jimmy (AH)0.385
    12154631550Aniska, Thomas (VV)0.364
    13153735457Stetzar, Cole (WS)0.333
    14153736666Loureiro, Griffin (WS)0.333
    15154632379Kranick, Max (VV)0.333
    16154632380Peters, Brandon (VV)0.333
    17153736655Thomas, Jacob (WS)0.308
    18153732225Hart, P.J. (WS)0.308
    19153633857Spangenberg, Zach (AH)0.308
    20153633855McDonald, Matt (AH)0.3