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Old Forge High School

Address: 300 Marion St.

Old Forge, PA 18518
Mascot: Blue Devils
Male population: 126
Female population: 96
Recent scores
Lackawanna Trail 29, Old Forge 12
Old Forge 48, Montrose 6
Old Forge 56, Northwest 20
Old Forge 38, Riverside 0
Old Forge 28, Lackawanna Trail 21
Dunmore 41, Old Forge 21
Old Forge 47, Holy Cross 7
Old Forge 42, Holy Redeemer 0
Old Forge 22, Susquehanna 6
Lakeland 34, Old Forge 13
Old Forge 38, Carbondale Area 0

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game stats: 2/21/2018

Team statsPlayer stats
Offense StatisticsOFLT
Extra Pts Att 0 4
Extra Pts Made 0 4
FG Att 0 0
FGs Made 0 0
First Downs 5 15
Pass Att 15 2
Pass Comp 8 1
Pass INTs 0 0
Pass TDs 0 0
Pass Yds 55 yards 5 yards
Rec TDs 0 0
Rec Yds 55 yards 5 yards
Receptions 8 1
Return Yardage 0 yards 0 yards
Rush Att 21 53
Rush TDs 0 4
Rush Yds 37 yards 400 yards

Defense StatisticsOFLT
Def INTs 0 0
Sacks 0 0
Tackles 0 0

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Team, 0 
Lovvorn, Ben 77Offensive Line Senior
Raymond, Nick 33Running Back Senior
Rios, Anthony 43Wide Receiver Senior
Samitz, Adam 54Offensive Line Senior
Skoranski, Ryan 68Offensive Line Senior
Souriyavong, Tommy 3Wide Receiver Senior
Wargo, Brett 34Tight End Senior
Burkhart, Jacob 56Offensive Line Junior
Carey, Tyler 19Wide Receiver Junior
Lynwood, Jackson 10Wide Receiver Junior
Nicholoff, Jonathan 52Offensive Line Junior
Pepsin, Kevin 21Running Back Junior
Barbetti, Keegan 12Wide Receiver Sophomore
DiGregorio, Michael 22Wide Receiver Sophomore
DiMattia, Julien 7Running Back Sophomore
Dodge, Nicholas 18Wide Receiver Sophomore
Dolinish, Demetrius 58Offensive Line Sophomore
Harris, Phil 1Wide Receiver Sophomore
Holzman, Colin 32Running Back Sophomore
Kerrigan, Evan 42Tight End Sophomore
Krushnowsi, Casey 64Offensive Line Sophomore
Lenceski, Chester 74Offensive Line Sophomore
Lucarelli, Dante 8Quarterback Sophomore
Rose, Jadyn 57Offensive Line Sophomore
Uhrin, Jackson 44Tight End Sophomore
Weaver, Zack 51Offensive Line Sophomore

Season offense stat totals
PlayerRush AttRush YdsRush TDsReceptionsRec YdsRec TDsPass CompPass AttPass INTsPass YdsPass TDsExtra Pts MadeExtra Pts AttFGs MadeFG Att2-point conv. rushes2-point conv. receptions2-point conv. passesFumbles returned for TDKickoffs returned for TDPunts return for TDReturnsReturn Yardage
Wargo, Brett00011145200000000001000000
Rios, Anthony1185039674900000010000000000
Souriyavong, Tommy1568123339600000000010102200
Raymond, Nick977000000000000000000000
Samitz, Adam00000000000000000000000
Lucarelli, Dante14-400000901574138219000000000000
Lynwood, Jackson42222416000000000000000000
Carey, Tyler431998100000000000011000
Pepsin, Kevin101543600000000000010000000
Holzman, Colin372392232000000000000000000
DiGregorio, Michael483337479012030000070100000
Barbetti, Keegan000000000008150000000000
DiMattia, Julien1821016100000000001000000
Harris, Phil1-5000000000000000000000
Dodge, Nicholas00016000000000000000000
Kerrigan, Evan000000000001480000000000
Team, 1-2000000000000000000000

Season defense stat totals

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(L) = in-league record. (O) = overall record.
RankTeamW (L)L (L)W (O)L (O)Dist. Pts.
1 Wallenpaupack 40730
2 North Pocono 31640
3 Delaware Valley 22730
4 Scranton 13190
5 Abington Heights 04280