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Wyoming Valley West High School

Address: 150 Wadham St.

Plymouth, PA 18651
Mascot: Spartans
Male population: 577
Female population: 607
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game stats: 9/20/2019
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Cobb, Isaiah 24 
Pries, Hunter 0 
Weidman, Tyler 4 
Alzahrani, Abdul 28Tight End Graduate 2021
Anderscavage, Noah 58Guard Graduate 2021
Barofski, Dominick 8Running Back Graduate 2021
Burke, Sadiq 1  Graduate 2021
Cropp, Elijah 66Guard Graduate 2021
Henderson, Makal 36Running Back Graduate 2021
Kasarda, Jarrett 35Running Back Graduate 2021
Malloy, Joe 88Tight End Graduate 2021
Montoya, Marcos 67Kicker Graduate 2021
Moran, Alejandro 64Offensive Line Graduate 2021
Ogan, Davonn 92Running Back Graduate 2021
Ransom, Sadiq 0  Graduate 2021
Redguard, Darius 5Running Back Graduate 2021
Rhodes, Dontae 15Quarterback Graduate 2021
Sachs, Jayce 72Offensive Line Graduate 2021
Stevens, Ryan 0  Graduate 2021
Wiedman, Tyler 16Wide Receiver Graduate 2021
Williams, Jerimiah 4Wide Receiver Graduate 2021
Blaine, Anthony 14  Senior
Bufano, Zach 32Kicker Senior
Femea, Tyler 69Tackle Senior
Golightly, Aiden 74Center Senior
Grossman, Caleb 21Running Back Senior
Kennedy, Brandon 13Wide Receiver Senior
Koval, Josh 44Running Back Senior
Lord, Evan 50Offensive Line Senior
Massaker, Erik 78Tackle Senior
McKenith, Marquesse 65Offensive Line Senior
Meade, Patrick 6Wide Receiver Senior
Meyers, Ryan 3Wide Receiver Senior
Olisewski, Conner 7Wide Receiver Senior
Phillips, Gavin 23Running Back Senior
Raskiewicz, Mark 54Guard Senior
Rood, Colin 33Running Back Senior
Scarpelli, Jonathan 10Quarterback Senior
Swainbank, Jaden 52Offensive Line Senior
Tomascik, Zack 22Running Back Senior
Burke, Saki 9  Junior
Buss, Luke 6  Junior
Daniels, Jonathan 12  Junior
Dietterick, Landon 51Tight End Junior
Gamble, J'Von 17Running Back Junior
Leachey, Ian 45Tight End Junior
Pearson, Jason 68Offensive Line Junior
Redguard, Jordon 11  Junior
Reid, Shaun 10  Junior

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