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Dallas High School

Address: Conyngham Ave.

Dallas, PA 18612
Mascot: Mountaineers
Male population: 354
Female population: 323
Recent scores
North Pocono 41, Dallas 26
Dallas 35, Pittston Area 12
Dallas 35, Tunkhannock 0
Dallas 20, Berwick 0
Dallas 41, Crestwood 14
Dallas 28, Pittston Area 6
Dallas 27, Williamsport 20
Hazleton Area 28, Dallas 21
Dallas 45, Wilkes-Barre Area 0
Dallas 28, Valley West 27
Valley View 34, Dallas 14

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game stats: 8/27/2021
Friday, August 27, 20211234OTFinal
Valley View613015-34

Team statsPlayer stats
Offense StatisticsVVDal
Extra Pts Att 2 2
Extra Pts Made 2 2
FG Att 0 0
FGs Made 0 0
First Downs 19 10
Pass Att 9 20
Pass Comp 5 13
Pass INTs 0 0
Pass TDs 0 0
Pass Yds 39 yards 108 yards
Rec TDs 0 0
Rec Yds 39 yards 108 yards
Receptions 5 13
Return Yardage 0 yards 0 yards
Rush Att 45 28
Rush TDs 5 2
Rush Yds 330 yards 39 yards

Defense StatisticsVVDal
Def INTs 0 0
Sacks 0 0
Tackles 0 0

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Gasket, D. 0 
Allen, Gabe 51Offensive Line Senior
Atherholt, Frank 60Offensive Line Senior
Biscontini, David 12Wide Receiver Senior
DelGaudio, Jake 4Running Back Senior
Esposito, Matt 11Wide Receiver Senior
Jesse, Matt 16Wide Receiver Senior
Lehane, James 74Offensive Line Senior
Ormando, Rocco 10Running Back Senior
Wydra, Jackson 5Quarterback Senior
Bolesta, Parker 2Running Back Junior
Carpenter, Ben 8Wide Receiver Junior
Chopyak, Jace 14Kicker Junior
Cuba, Ryan 33Running Back Junior
Deyo, Nate 61Offensive Line Junior
Fazzi, James 47Full Back Junior
Fennell, Aiden 54Offensive Line Junior
Harpersberger, Peter 6Tight End Junior
Jennings, JD 78Offensive Line Junior
Karcutskie, Mark 28Running Back Junior
Klinetob, Colby 59Offensive Line Junior
Kovaleski, Jordan 68Offensive Line Junior
Peters, Joe 24Wide Receiver Junior
Price, Joe 66Offensive Line Junior
Scherer, John 50Offensive Line Junior
Shedlock, Christian 71Offensive Line Junior
Shultz, Lucas 56Offensive Line Junior
Andress, Ryan 88Offensive Line Sophomore
Calvey, Mason 76Offensive Line Sophomore
Cummings, John 84Tight End Sophomore
Farrell, Nick 85Tight End Sophomore
Fife, AJ 34Full Back Sophomore
Hudgins, Cameron 55Offensive Line Sophomore
Moore, Emmett 75Offensive Line Sophomore
Paczewski, Zach 3Quarterback Sophomore
Patts, Christian 69Offensive Line Sophomore
Rosencrans, Brady 64Offensive Line Sophomore
Sabulski, Dan 39Offensive Line Sophomore
Stephens, Archie 17Tight End Sophomore
Tirpak, Lucas 7Wide Receiver Sophomore
Vitale, Anthony 0Running Back Sophomore
Wall, Trevor 22Wide Receiver Sophomore
Almeky, Kareem 73Offensive Line Freshman
Brunges, Chase 27Wide Receiver Freshman
Cavanaugh, Alex 83Offensive Line Freshman
Geskey, Dylan 0Running Back Freshman
Gring, Kevin 65Offensive Line Freshman
Laubach, Rowan 26  Freshman
Lewis, Gavin 23Running Back Freshman
Lewis, Gavin 23Running Back Freshman
Lewis, Mike 21Wide Receiver Freshman
Malarky, Nate 19Wide Receiver Freshman
Mucha, Julias 0Offensive Line Freshman
Ofsiami, Rashid 25Wide Receiver Freshman
Peters, Stephen 57Offensive Line Freshman
Rigol, Cole 86Tight End Freshman
VanOrden, Clark 36Full Back Freshman
Webb, Jarratt 44Full Back Freshman
Wichenheiser, Ben 20Wide Receiver Freshman
Williams, Zach 29Wide Receiver Freshman
Zapoticky, Brady 9Quarterback Freshman

Season offense stat totals
PlayerRush AttRush YdsRush TDsReceptionsRec YdsRec TDsPass CompPass AttPass INTsPass YdsPass TDsExtra Pts MadeExtra Pts AttFGs MadeFG Att2-point conv. rushes2-point conv. receptions2-point conv. passesFumbles returned for TDKickoffs returned for TDPunts return for TDReturnsReturn Yardage
DelGaudio, Jake12000000000000000000000
Esposito, Matt000117000000000000000000
Ormando, Rocco2180134578500000000000010000
Wydra, Jackson4813380001252065190613000010100000
Bolesta, Parker16311272011119000000000000000000
Cuba, Ryan10000000000000000000000
Karcutskie, Mark00000000000000000000000
Peters, Joe00030426400000000000000000
Chopyak, Jace0000000000030361100000000
Paczewski, Zach00031521400000000000000000
Farrell, Nick0006125000000000001000000
Fife, AJ390418000000000000000000
Geskey, Dylan261552334000000000000000000
Lewis, Mike712000000000000000000000
Tirpak, Lucas424000000000000000000000
Vitale, Anthony12000000000000000000000
Webb, Jarratt41000000000000000000000
Zapoticky, Brady324000001000000000000000
Gasket, D.14000000000000000000000

Season defense stat totals

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