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Western Wayne High School

Address: 1970A Easton Turnpike

Lake Ariel, PA 18436
Mascot: Wildcats
Male population: 329
Female population: 295
Recent scores
Dunmore 15, Western Wayne 11
Western Wayne 2, Carbondale Area 0
Old Forge 16, Western Wayne 3
Western Wayne 5, Lakeland 2
Mid Valley 12, Western Wayne 1
Holy Cross 7, Western Wayne 6
Riverside 9, Western Wayne 6
Riverside 4, Western Wayne 3
Old Forge 8, Western Wayne 4
Dunmore 15, Western Wayne 6
Western Wayne 9, Carbondale Area 0
Western Wayne 9, Holy Cross 5
Lakeland 17, Western Wayne 4
Mid Valley 7, Western Wayne 1

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latest game stats

Reingold, Eric 0First Baseman Senior
Sommers, James 0First Baseman Senior
Walck, Bailey 0Catcher Senior
Bolduc, Logan 0Outfielder Junior
Carey, Rob 0Outfielder Junior
Garnett, Brandon 0Outfielder Junior
Hess, T.J. 0Infielder Junior
Kidder, Austin 0First Baseman Junior
Kuha, Alex 0Infielder Junior
McCabe, Michael 0Outfielder Junior
Peterson, Will 0Outfielder Junior
Seeley, Pat 0Outfielder Junior
Tucker, David 0Infielder Junior
Booths, Jesse 0First Baseman Sophomore
Malcolm, Zach 0Infielder Sophomore
Pope, T.J. 0Outfielder Sophomore
Shepherd, Jake 0Catcher Sophomore
Estock, Parker 0Outfielder Freshman
Gogolski, Tommy 0Infielder Freshman
Janiszewski, Zane 0Infielder Freshman
Kromko, Mike 0Outfielder Freshman
Peet, Tyler 0Infielder Freshman
Smith, Timmy 0Infielder Freshman
Stone, Matt 0Infielder Freshman
Walck, Julian 0First Baseman Freshman

Sommers, James .2751177100
Reingold, Eric .000021000
McCabe, Michael        
Hess, T,J, .154251000
Walck, Bailey .214321100
Carey, Rob .000000000
Bolduc, Logan .41517911312
Garnett, Brandon .174442000
Kidder, Austin .000000000
Kuha, Alex .172543000
Tucker, David 1.000102000
Booths, Jesse .222220000
Malcolm, Zach .3061158501
Seeley, Pat .250121012100
Shepherd, Jake .286220000
Janiszewski, Zane .468221110611
Peterson, Will        
Stone, Matt .227532000
Walck, Julian  010000
Peet, Tyler .235410000
Estock, Parker .000000000
Gogolski, Tommy .000000000
Smith, Timmy .273320100
Kromko, Mike        
Pope, T,J,        
NameLeague W/LNon-league W/LERAStrikeouts
Sommers, James 0-30-022.336
Carey, Rob 0-00-09.465
Bolduc, Logan 1-30-04.1324
Garnett, Brandon 1-10-06.8617
Kidder, Austin 0-00-07.001
Kuha, Alex 0-00-027.482
Seeley, Pat 2-30-04.1631
Smith, Timmy 0-00-023.681

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(L) = in-league record. (O) = overall record.
RankTeamW (L)L (L)W (O)L (O)Dist. Pts.
1 Valley View 82820
2 Scranton Prep 37370
3 Honesdale 39390

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RowIndexteam_idplayer_idBatting AverageAverageHide
1154340149Kowalski, Mike (NP)0.421
2154343019Mastillo, Jake (NP)0.375
3154346883Bosley, Kyle (NP)0.368
4153646461Dempsey, Evan (AH)0.364
5153940868Holbert, Ty (WAL)0.35
6154348517Millan, Jake (NP)0.35
7154343018Deom, Ryan (NP)0.333
8153945161Santiago, Izaiah (WAL)0.333
9153644974Petty, Jake (AH)0.333
10153939831Kirsten, Tyler (WAL)0.318
11153940869Alessi, Max (WAL)0.313
12154340176Wall, Cory (NP)0.308
13153650229Miranda-Santos, Hector (AH)0.3
14153646460Lacey, T.J. (AH)0.3
15154343015McLain, Nate (NP)0.28
16154343016Cruciani, Ben (NP)0.263
17154343857Walsh, Daniel (NP)0.25
18153942700Vosburg, Derrick (WAL)0.25
19153643124Myers, James (AH)0.235
20153950266Nolan, Kyle (WAL)0.222